11th October 2020

    Before & After

    Before & after photos are something where I (and I imagine a lot of others) find myself internally conflicted. I totally get that some people want […]
    5th July 2020

    When did you fall out of love with exercise?

    Remember that girl who loved to race down the road after her best friend playing a game of scarecrow tag! The girl who would jump, hop, […]
    27th June 2020
    lockdown outdoor fitness classes

    Lockdown Limbo

    As you will know, indoor gyms and fitness studios like ours are not allowed to open on 4th July, much to our surprise and disappointment. We […]
    7th June 2020

    Why you should book a Sports Massage

    When you start a new training program, increase the intensity of your workouts or are spending a huge chunk of your time sat at a desk, […]
    30th May 2020

    First Trimester – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Finally!! I am now officially well into my second trimester of pregnancy!   I hate to say it, but I never enjoy the first trimester… of course […]
    23rd May 2020

    Resistance Bands – Are they any good?

    Resistance bands are probably one of the simplest, most convenient pieces of workout equipment you can own! Not only are they inexpensive, they’re easy to store […]
    17th May 2020

    Online Fitness

    With the closure of gyms and leisure centres as a result of the lockdown, there has been a huge rise in online fitness. The fitness industry […]
    10th May 2020

    Gym Leggings

    As a personal trainer (and lover of not making an effort) I spend most of my time in a pair of gym leggings! Over the years […]
    2nd May 2020

    Pre & Post Workout Snacks

    How should I fuel my workouts? Pre/Post-workout Snack Ideas One of the most common nutrition-related questions our clients ask us in sessions, is “what should I […]
    26th April 2020

    Post Workout Skincare

    with Katie Marshall Working out is great for your skin, but if you don’t have your post–workout skincare routine down to a tee, you can actually increase your […]
    18th April 2020

    DIY Exercise Equipment

    Keeping fit during the past few weeks has not been an easy feat for many! We can no longer access gyms, leisure centres and sports clubs […]
    11th April 2020

    Keeping Connected

    I am grateful that I’ve been so lucky with the places I have been able to travel/live and work in my lifetime and even more grateful […]
    5th April 2020
    Stressed mother

    Functioning from home

    I was originally going to title this blog – “Working from Home” however, the more I thought about it, what I am doing isn’t work – […]
    31st March 2020

    22 Lockdown Fitness Activities to keep kids moving!

    Right now, perhaps more than ever, it is so important to keep our kids moving! Short bursts of physical activity interspersed throughout the day is so […]
    26th March 2020

    Avoiding the “Pushchair Posture”

    We all know that pregnancy can play havoc with our posture but surely, once the baby’s out, everything should go back to normal…..right? Wrong! If you […]
    2nd December 2019

    5 tips for keeping your baby warm and cosy on your winter walks

    Summer has been and gone and the colder months are already upon us. And, while this means wrapping yourself up when you go outdoors to exercise, […]
    9th July 2019
    Mums Fitness

    Walkin’ Talkin’ Mums™

    It’s safe to say that as new mums we all know that there are endless benefits to incorporating exercise into our weekly schedule. It can regulate […]
    19th June 2019

    “It wasn’t like this in our day”

      Take a quick look at this picture… We hear a lot about how the pressures on women to look a certain way is enormous right […]
    7th May 2019

    Why you should get a ‘Workout Partner’

    I used to always think that working out alone was far more effective when it came to my training regime. I could maximise my time so […]
    15th April 2019

    Top 5 Home Workout Equipment

    We totally get that gyms work for a lot of people – I love going to the gym and it would always be my first choice […]
    5th July 2020

    When did you fall out of love with exercise?

    Remember that girl who loved to race down the road after her best friend playing a game of scarecrow tag! The girl who would jump, hop, […]
    1st October 2017

    Post-natal exercise… What to avoid!

    As a post-natal exercise specialist, I meet so many mums who don’t just want things to look a little more like they used to, but they […]