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23rd July 2018
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9th September 2018

The word “holistic” has become a bit of a buzzword – it’s popping up everywhere. But take a look at what it really means,and you’ll understand that it’s not just about getting a massage (although that’s a lovely part of it I should add, as a holistic therapist myself!)

Real holistic healthcare is based on the theory that your health is the living balance of the “whole” of you. Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are inseparable. If one part of your body isn’t functioning properly, all other parts may be affected – as a person who lives with a chronic illness myself, I know this more than anyone.

Getting your body’s health and balance right includes:

Emotional balance

I was intrigued when I took the Mummy Tummy Method class earlier this year with the FFA, to see if it really would be the holistic approach that they had talked about. It absolutely was. I was posture-checked, advised on how to perform exercises correctly (and a bit miffed that I’d never done pelvic floor exercises right before now) and then welcomed into their online community where I got healthy meal ideas as well as tips for rest and motivation.

At my own therapies practice (The Rehab Room Thelwall) I remind my clients that they need to make the right choices in thetime between massage and reflexology treatments to keep theirbody in balance. Of course, the same is true for exercise and Robyn reminded us in the Mummy Tummy class that nothing will change if we don’t practice between sessions.

Too often we focus on treating our symptomsexpensive creams for the dark circles, diets to drop extra weight, pills for the headaches. But if you take a more holistic approach you can get to the underlying causes of why you’re getting those symptoms in the first place and by bringing things into balance they disappear as a pleasant by-product.  

Dawn x

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  1. Robyn says:

    Love this Dawn! The difficulty is always getting people to do what they need to do between sessions, not just when they are on the mat!

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