Redefining Fitness for Women

Let's live an Anti-Fad Lifestyle

We are not about the latest fads and trends and most certainly not a fan of the brutal "Bounce Back" approach to health and fitness for mums. Today more than ever, we find there are so many influencers and brands promoting weight loss as the key to happiness for women. Whether it be magic pills, detox teas, slimming shakes, crazy cleanses, summer bodies or a whole other range of “chemical sh*t storms” aimed at rapid weight loss - you won't find it here!
We are friends and more importantly, mums, who came together because we wanted to change the way in which we are told we should exercise and eat both during and after pregnancy. We wanted to provide a genuine, no bullsh*t approach to healthy living for women - The Anti Fad Lifestyle. We believe that The Female Fitness Academy is more than ‘just another fitness craze’, we look at what really matters most to women - Strength & Health (both mental and physical).

Our expert trainers will help you achieve:

  • A healthier relationship between exercise and food
  • A stronger, healthier body
  • A new found love of fitness - that works for you
  • A strong foundation to enable you participate in a range of physical activities
  • A new outlook on what Health & Fitness is really about
  • A Balanced/realistic approach to fitness