When did you fall out of love with exercise?

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27th June 2020
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Remember that girl who loved to race down the road after her best friend playing a game of scarecrow tag! The girl who would jump, hop, skip, climb trees and endlessly dance like no one was watching…

Where did she go? When did running, climbing, hopping and skipping no longer become fun for you?

When did the thought of doing these things stop filling you with joy and become something you now dread…a chore?  When did your attitude towards your body, its movement and activity become so negative? 

Health/Fitness/Exercise is given such a bad reputation in the media with the way it is viewed as something to just do in order to “lose weight”. I have lost count of the number of people who have said to me in the past “you don’t need to exercise, you’ve got a great figure!” So I don’t want to feel energised, strong and free to move in every way possible without pain or restriction? 

If you are in pretty good shape already, have youth on your side and are looking to stay fit and healthy and “shape” your body to your ideal physique then great! There are endless Body Transformation Personal Trainers out there with programmes at your fingertips to sculpt your arms, build a “booty” and strip every inch of fat of your abs! These women are at a stage where their foundations are still usually pretty strong and they progress easily each week, facing little barriers. Don’t get me wrong, they still have a battle to face because believe me, attempting to build a physique like the fitness models you see plastered across Instagram is no easy feat! It requires dedication, motivation and sacrifice.

However, I enjoy working with another category of women. Those who may have lost that little girl inside them who I mentioned earlier. Running no longer feels like freedom with the wind running through their hair, instead it feels like creaky knees, bad backs and burning lungs. Skipping is no longer joyful, instead it often results in a quick change of underwear! Entering a gym, studio or simply sporting fitness clothing in public as they pound the pavements can fill them with embarrassment and anxiety. Many of these women often tell me that once they muster the strength to power through their insecurities and start seeing progress, a recurrent injury rears its ugly head and forces them to cease training. 

These women are less concerned with having “rock-hard abs” or building a booty to rival J-Lo’s. They are simply at a stage where they realise that something has got to give. Many are overweight, morbidly obese even. Some are living with the physical barriers that the after-effects of pregnancy and childbirth can bring, such as, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti and aching hips and backs. Others are simply sick of everything hurting or stuck in deep-routed behavioural habits of sedentary living and too little nutritious food. Then there are those who are chronically stressed – the modern day women, attempting to do it all. Who jump into hardcore exercise such as HIIT training on a regular basis in attempt to manage their stress levels. Don’t get me wrong, exercise can manage stress, however the right type of activity, its duration and frequency are crucial. Combine a lack of proper programming, too little relaxation and too long/hardcore workouts and these women are heading for total burnout and recurrent symptoms of chronic fatigue.

For all of these women it simply not as easy as saying, “move more/eat less”. Yes, there are endless workouts on the big wide web, but for these women much more is needed: Mindset-coaching, empathy, rehab for any recurrent injuries, or prehab training to prevent issues developing, foundation-training such as mobility and activation exercises BEFORE jumping into heavy or intense workouts. But most of all, they need someone to help them find something they ENJOY doing first. Anything to just to get that body moving. 

And that is who we all are at The Female Fitness Academy. We are that springboard into an active life and a capable body. One that will open up endless opportunities to you which you may not have dared to do before…climb that mountain, run alongside your kids/grandkids, lift a weight you once never thought possible.

Believe me when I tell you that “that girl” is still inside you. One day you are going to feel alive as the wind blows through your hair as you run, feel release as you dive into an empty pool, feel your inner strength boom as your outer strength lifts and pulls. You will feel your confidence rocket as your body does something one day, that yesterday was only a dream. I know for now it won’t feel like that, I know that every step you take and every mile you walk, every time you squat or jump, it feels like your body is breaking. I know it sometimes hurts and you will want to stop and that’s ok. No one likes anything they aren’t good at. And no one is good at anything the first time. But with our help here at the FFA, our support and expert guidance, we want to help you find that little girl. 

She is waiting to be rediscovered and we can’t wait to meet her.

Get in touch to see how we can help you take those first steps…

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  1. For me it was when I hit puberty and I developed endometriosis so had to cope with a lot of pain through my teens and 20’s. I remember being such an active child and did gymnastics, trampolining and played hockey. But had to give all that up due to health probs. The most i managed was walking. I love walking and have recently improved my fitness massively – so I can go hiking the fells with my Dad. Happy that my health is improving a bit to allow me to do this. Can’t beat a great walk to a lovely view in my opinion!

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