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19th June 2019
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It’s safe to say that as new mums we all know that there are endless benefits to incorporating exercise into our weekly schedule. It can regulate our insulin levels, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, manage weight and even lift our mood.  The problem is, even though we KNOW it can bring about all these benefits (and many more), the truth of the matter is that quite often, life just gets in the way and when you’re knee deep in sh*tty nappies, motivating yourself to get to the gym is a step too far!

Ok, so firstly it’s important to point out that physical activity does not have to be done at the gym, it does not have to be vigorous and it certainly doesn’t need to be performed in the latest lycra two piece in order to improve your health. 

Go hard or go home? Go home!

We are bombarded on social media with extreme bootcamps and transformation programmes aimed at new mums, promising us our pre baby bodies back! One of the biggest issues with these programmes, aside from the Pre Baby Body reference (this is a whole other blog) is that the only method of training used is what we call “beast mode”! AKA lets push these new mums to their physical limits until they are blowing out of their arse (sometimes literally if there pelvic floor is weak).

If this approach alone isn’t enough to put off a new mum, then believe me, the injuries they incur as a result of working at too hard a level for their recovery will most certainly stop them in their tracks.

Walking can be everything

At The FFA, as much as we love a good, sweaty workout – we understand the importance of starting at the beginning when you have just had a baby. We advise all our new mums to start their re-introduction to exercise with something as simple as Walking! Its free, requires no equipment and you can adjust the time/pace to suit your needs.  All you need is a pair of good shoes and the will to get up and move. 

Walking may not be “trending on insta” as the latest craze the Kardashians are selling but it packs some serious punches! Not only does it ooze health benefits, but a good walk can do wonders for your mental wellbeing too! It improves self perception, self esteem, mood, sleep quality and it can reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue! And if there is one thing us mums are familiar with – its fatigue!

We developed Walkin Talkin Mums to be able to provide new mums, not only the opportunity to get out and active but to also meet other like minded mums. These walks are interspersed with safe post natal exercises to rebuild strength in the major muscles of the body – including the powerhouse pelvic floor!

We found that when we were new mothers, our motivation to exercise was highest when we did activities together with our babies in tow!  We didn’t want to exercise in isolation – being a mum can sometimes be isolating enough and we wanted to get out the house and have some adult conversation. The walking workout was a nice alternative to our coffee/cake catch ups and much friendlier on the bank account.

Everyone needs a mum friend

No one can fully appreciate the daily trials of motherhood like another mother who is also navigating life with a newborn!  Having someone keeping you company who not only understands why, but doesn’t give a sh*t that you’re not 100% put together, you’re rocking the messy bun, wearing the same leggings from yesterday and in some cases, bra-less – this is EVERYTHING!

So if you want to get outdoors and soak up the Vitamin D,  take part in a Post Natal Specialist led group walk and meet some amazing women – come and try one of our Walkin’ Talkin’ Mums classes*

  • *Warrington
  • *Liverpool
  • *Widnes
  • *Manchester


  1. Elisha Blogs says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of groups of mums out in ‘walking groups’ recently in Harrogate. I think it’s a great idea – it not only helps with fitness and reducing anxiety, but it’s a chance to socialise with women going through the same things as you.

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