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25th November 2018
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9th December 2018

There are endless myths surrounding exercise, fitness and weight. Add in to the mix that you’ve just had a baby and Boom – it’s a whole different set of rules.

You would not believe some of the myths that our clients have not only been told over the years, but sadly believed to be true. 

The frustrating thing is that it is so hard to separate the truth from the fads given we are constantly bombarded with “fitspo” messages online in our social feeds. 

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are high quality and have been posted by qualified professionals.  BUT unfortunately (and far too frequently) there is a whole load of shit been thrown our way. Usually ill informed advice or fad products promoted by greedy celebs with not a care as to whether the fad they’re pushing is even safe or effective! 

We decided to take the TOP TEN MYTHS that we have come across and break them down for you in simple terms over the next two weeks in these short videos.

  1. After 6 weeks you can get straight back into your exercise routine
  2. Cardio is the best way to get your “pre baby body” back
  3. Your body will never be the same after a baby
  4. You won’t have time to exercise with a baby
  5. Kegels are the only way to fix your pelvic floor
  6. You are only post Natal until your baby is 9 months
  7. You will lose your milk supply if you work out
  8. You need to do crunches/sit ups to get rid of your “baby belly”
  9. If you had a c-section your pelvic floor won’t be affected
  10. Urine leakage after having a baby is normal 

Watch this space as we take each one and break them down to give you the facts.

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