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14th February 2021
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14th February 2021
exercising outdoors in the cold weather

It may actually surprise you to know that scientists have actually suggested that no temperature is too cold when it comes to exercising outdoors. It is true! Almost everyone is safe to work out in cold weather!

So, if you are going to brave the “Beast from the East 2” here are some tips for keeping safe/warm:

1. Layer Up  – First, put on a thin base layer made of synthetic fabrics to help pull sweat away from your skin. If it’s really cold outside, wear a middle layer, such as polar fleece, for extra warmth. Then, add an outer layer to protect you from wind, snow, and rain.

2. Protect Extremities – To keep your extremities from freezing, wear a hat or headband and gloves or mittens. You can always take them off and tuck them in a pocket if you get warm. Thick socks also help. BUT all these should be wool or synthetic, rather than cotton, to help keep sweat off your skin.

3. Protect Skin – Winter air isn’t just cold, it’s dry. To keep your skin from drying out with it, drink plenty of water and rub on moisturizing cream every day, You can also apply Vaseline to sensitive areas like the nostrils, tip of the nose, and ears for more protection. 

4. Warm Up – When exercising in colder temperatures, you’re at increased risk for sprains and strains. It’s especially important to warm up if you are heading outdoors this winter for a workout. Dynamic warm-ups increase blood flow and temperature in the muscles to help decrease the risk of injuries. Check our our FB group for some warm up tips.

5. Drink – Some people don’t feel as thirsty during cold-weather workouts as they do during warmer-weather workouts,  But you’re still losing fluids through sweat and breathing in lower temperatures. And you still need to replace those fluids by drinking water.

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