Strong Women

At the Female Fitness Academy we are constantly amazed by all of the STRONG WOMEN who cross our paths. We want to recognise and celebrate the achievements of strong women all around the world who inspire other women to challenge themselves and achieve their dreams. We will be featuring an inspiring Strong Women every Saturday and sharing their story.

A Strong Woman is so much more than being able to lift a heavy weight. She respects herself. She is humble, She is balanced. She is determined. She is brave. She loves.

Click on the images below to find out more about these Strong Women.
"To be a strong woman is to realise that you are not better than other women, simply different."
  • Zoe Thompson

    In 2016, Zoe Thompson placed 2nd in Britain’s Strongest Woman and 9th in Europe’s Strongest Woman Competitions.  For 2 years she was a competitive “strong woman” […]
  • Whitney Garrah

    As both a female entrepreneur and coach, Whitney believes that we must always have goals to motivate and challenge our mind and body. She co-founded Taylored […]
  • Charlie Webster

    Charlie has hosted everything from football to marathons, the World’s Strongest Man to the Brit Awards and was recently the world’s first female live boxing anchor. She […]
  • Charleh Dickinson

    Charleh Dickinson, Social Media Manager and Digital Coach for KUB, has worked with leading PR, digital and marketing companies as well as businesses from a variety […]
  • Aga Nowicka

    Aga Nowicka is the cofounder of Langu, a platform connecting language students with professional language teachers for live online lessons. 1) why is it important for […]