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7th January 2018
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15th January 2018

Here at the FFA, January always gets us thinking about our goals as a business for the year ahead. We don’t set resolutions. Resolutions are usually negatively loaded. “I will STOP” doing this, I will GIVE UP this”.

Instead, we look over last year’s goals, celebrate the ones we achieved and evaluate the ones we didn’t. So a few weeks ago, I had a long discussion with Claire about the direction that we wanted to take the FFA in for 2018.

I am going to share a few of our goals with you now. The ones that directly relate to the women that follow us or use our services. After all, they say once you tell someone your goals, you feel much more motivated to actually achieve them…

1. Continue to empower as many women as possible
We don’t want to reach those women who are searching on the internet for the “perfect body” or those already active who are looking for and crave a “beasting” by military trainers.

Our aim has always been to find ways of working with women who may have forgotten what it feels like to feel comfortable in their own skin. To feel in control of their body. Those whose busy lifestyle, work or family circumstances, pregnancy, injury or any other factor has meant that they have become inactive. They may have lost all confidence.

The thought of walking into a packed-out gym or exercise class may terrify them. They might have no clue where to start.
We want to be the springboard for these women to begin to live a healthier, more active life.

Our business offers mobile personal training in the comfort of women’s own home, delivered by female trainers. This allows women who may not attend the gym due to either, time restraints, childcare, lack of confidence or out of preference to learn how to fit exercise into their lives.

Our goal this year is to continue to expand the FFA and launch in areas which we have not yet targeted. There are women all over the UK who deserve to access an authentic, high-quality fitness service which is so hard to find in today’s fitness industry.

2. Lead the way to a positive future for female fitness
We are on one mighty mission to be the driving force behind a much-needed change within the female fitness industry. Have a think about what comes up when you google “female fitness motivation” or “personal training” into google.

You are likely to be faced with shredded torsos, over-arched spines to “pop those glutes”, airbrushed images of the “perfect bikini body”. Once you have searched for some of these terms, you are likely to have numerous adverts popping up all over your social media for the latest “weight-loss” miracles – magic pills, shakes, detoxes, juice diets, fat burners, weight loss tea bags, military style mass-participation bootcamps…the list is endless.

What you think the “health and fitness” industry should be doing is boosting womens’ strength and self-confidence…when in actual fact, most of the time, its tearing us down even further. These methods of training or losing weight are – for the average woman – just not maintainable in the long-term, which leads to women feeling like they have failed and will never be fit enough or look good enough, especially as they are being fed the belief that they are not already good enough.

This is where we will continue to be different. No matter how much more money we could make and more attention we could bring to ourselves by making extreme health or weight loss promises, by selling ‘magic’ solutions, by plastering all our marketing with highly ripped airbrushed photos of half-dressed bikini models, by standing with an overarched spine in our underwear for a mirror-shot, or by marketing our services with terms such as “drop a dress size” or “get that bikini body”, we will NEVER, EVER do it.

We want to change the belief that exercise is something to be done solely to “lose weight” or because “we should do”… and promote the endless other benefits to adding it into your life, for life. Stress-relief, mind and body confidence, better quality of life, less pain or injury.

Exercise is not about simply looking good, it is about feeling good.

3. Set a healthy example for our future generation.

Being a mum of two girls, this one is closest to my heart. Does the average child see physical activity as a chore? Do they shudder at the thought of having to run through woodlands or across a beach like a lot of women do. Are they skipping, jumping and playing sports because they need to fit into a bikini next summer?

No. They move and they enjoy the freedom of movement because it feels good. You only have to look at a child who is spending far too much time in front of a tablet screen or the television and less running around the great outdoors and you can see the effects a lack of physical activity has on them. When did you lose that little girl inside you who loved to run, hop, dance and move freely, without pain or embarrassment?

I never want my daughters to grow up seeing exercise as a chore or as something to do to “lose-weight”. It is part of their everyday life and they see it as part of mine.

Remember, little eyes are always watching. Little ears are always listening. Let them see and hear that their mummy loves to move, stretch, dance, swim and lift heavy things, whilst lifting her spirit. Let them watch you eat good, nutritious and tasty food most of the time.

But also let them see you indulge in a cake or burger every now and then. Let them see you enjoy the odd take-away without shame or guilt afterwards.
But what if they see mummy, constantly stepping on the sad step? What if they see that those numbers determine her self-worth. What if mummy sets down their tea on the table and then joins them to drink up her “shake”. What if they see her obsessively counting calories, or macros? What if they regularly hear her call herself or others fat?

As the saying goes “children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them”.

4. Teach women the safest, most effective and realistic ways of achieving a healthy body and mind

There is a huge focus at the moment on the “go hard or go home” approach to training. This is excellent in the right circumstances. It might be great for the hardcore, fitness lover, female athletes and those without any injuries, who have perfect posture and are not recovering from childbirth or are pre-menopausal.

But what about those beginners to training, or those returning after a long break or recovering from childbirth? What about the women with niggly injuries or poor posture, or a negative association with exercise? Is this right for women in later life who require a very different type of training than the joint-destroying exercises favoured in many group classes which are so popular at the moment? Well hat about the busy business women, or mothers who have limited time to exercise or who don’t want to follow a “bikini-competitor’s” highly restrictive diet and lose their period along with social life with it? What about those who just want to find a type of training they enjoy and is realistic to maintain long-term? Is this blanket approach of boot-camp type exercises, macro-counting and high intensity training suitable for them? No, we don’t believe it is. And this is why we are different.

All of our trainers are female and our methods of training have been developed by women, for women. We have taken into account and studied all the factors which affect how we should train at different times throughout life. In our younger years, during pregnancy, after childbirth and post-menopause.

We don’t just turn up, tell you what to do and then leave. We don’t just beast you for a few weeks before a holiday. We TEACH you how to train at home and include exercise in your weekly routine for the long-term. We teach you the basics of good exercise technique, strengthen your foundations (re-align posture, strengthen core/pelvic floor and improve mobility)..

You may be a total beginner, or you may be an already active woman, experiencing plateus in training or niggly injuries. Whoever you are, we can work with you to maintain a realistic, enjoyably active lifestyle.

5. To create a tribe of strong, supportive & inspiring women.
When women work together, incredible things happen. When we stop comparing, judging, envying and putting each other down, we can achieve great things. As they say, the future is female. But only if we stand together.

We want to continue to grow our expanding tribe this year. A tornado of fearless females ripping through the fitness industry.

If you believe in everything we stand for, you can help to make a change by joining our tribe. You can be part of our tribe whether or not you train with us or use our services. You can do this by interacting with us on social media and following our adventures.

Share our motivation and blogs and spread the message that a change needs to come for female fitness….

So there we go. 5 examples of a long list of goals we have for the FFA in 2018.
We will achieve them, because as the saying goes, “there is no force equal, to that of a determined woman.”

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