Personal Training

So, we really hope that you have landed on this page, because you are looking for someone to step into your life to offer expert advice and provide motivation to change your lifestyle for the better

Who is Personal Training suitable for?

  • The complete beginner to exercise
  • Those who are returning to training after a long break
  • Those recovering from injury
  • Those who already train on a regular basis, but are experiencing plateus in progression
  • Those who have a weak foundation (core, pelvic floor, glutes, poor posture, inflexibility/lack of mobility, muscle imbalances)
  • Those who want to polish up their exercise technique

What can I expect to achieve ?

  • Teach you skills and improve your exercise knowledge (not just tell you what to do!)
  • Re-align your posture
  • Improve your mobility/flexibility
  • Fix any muscle imbalances and reduce aches and pains
  • Activate and strengthen your glutes (bottom muscles!)
  • Strengthen your core & pelvic floor muscles
  • Improve or reduce your risk of experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Teach you correct exercise technique for major movements
  • Introduce you to our healthy eating guidelines
  • Introduce you to the benefits or relaxation/stress-relief techniques
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Provide you with guidance on goal setting
  • Prepare your mind as well as your body to adapt to living a more active life
  • Re-focus your mind on living a more active life
  • Increase the likelihood that you will fall in love with exercise and remain active for life!

How can I start Personal Training?

We have designed our Personal Training method, so that it is available in a variety of formats depending on your location and budget.

Please click on the following tabs to read more about each in more detail…