121 Home Personal Training

We believe that the service which we offer is more than just a  ‘workout’. Our trainers teach not tell women how to live an active healthy life​. 

Our training​ differs from most mainstream personal training services. ​We don't just plan and guide you through standard workouts each week. We address all areas of female fitness with ongoing additional guidance and support and tailor a programme to your individual needs.

How do I start training with The FFA?

We have designed our Personal Training packages so that they can be available in a variety of formats depending on your location and budget.

Please click on the following tabs to book the best package for your training needs

Our 7 Step Approach to Fitness

  • HEALTHY MIND: mindset change, goal setting, positive thinking, sleep, relaxation & stress-relief techniques.
  • HEALTHY MUSCLES: postural correction and mobility training, regular resistance training.
  • HEALTHY HEART: regular cardio, pulse-raising activities, breathing techniques.
  • HEALTHY EATING: nourishing the body with adequate, nutritious fuel.
  • Healthy Gut: balancing good bacteria, adequate hydration, stress-release techniques, lowering sugar intake.
  • HEALTHY SKIN: dry brushing, massage, moisturising, adequate hydration.
  • HEALTHY VAGINA: exercises for pelvic pain, pelvic floor health, balancing hormones, confidence boosting, libido- boosting

Why train with The Female Fitness Academy ?

  • Highly experienced & knowledgeable female trainers
  • ​Fully qualified (they will always be happy to show evidence of their qualifications to you)
  • Undergone extensive training in t​raining methods specific to female fitness
  • DBS checked, first-aid qualified and insured
  • Friendly, patient, supportive and empathetic
  • Rated 5* by our customers