Today, running is almost synonymous with exercise. If your goal is to be fit and healthy, you're either a runner or someone who's planning to start running at some point.

Our specialist running trainers are here to support you to ensure that you are able to Train to Run and not Run to Train, as this is where injuries often occur.

What are my training options?

Running is probably the most flexible of all exercise as you can do it absolutely anywhere, with minimum equipment. However, it can also lead to some of the worst long term injuries if not done correctly or you do too much too soon.

We have developed two training packages to support you in your running, whether you are a total beginner looking to take up the hobby, a seasoned runner who wants to improve your technique, a runner with an event approaching who wants to improve time or a runner returning from injury. We have something for everyone.

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Why train with The Female Fitness Academy ?

  • Highly experienced & knowledgeable female trainers
  • ​Fully qualified (they will always be happy to show evidence of their qualifications to you)
  • DBS checked, first-aid qualified and insured
  • Friendly, patient, supportive and empathetic
  • Rated 5* by our customers