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Low Carb Recipe Pack
17th March 2020
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Recipe Pack


Did you know that the average person only has around 15-18 meals per year? (As in variety).

We totally get that as busy women, it is hard to come up with ideas to spice up the menu at home and therefore often resort back to those good old staples – which there is nothing wrong with at all!

However, we thought we would give you a helping hand and have produced a detailed recipe pack with over 50 recipes for you to try at home! What is even better is – we have mapped out the calories, macro nutrients and even built in a MyFitnessPal barcode to scan to add it straight to your daily diary!


This recipe pack is the perfect product to accompany your Fitness Training. It includes:

*52 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats & smoothies!
*Weekly Meal plans
*Shopping lists for the meal plans
*Detailed instructions for cooking
*Bar code to scan for My Fitness Pal
*Breakdown of macro nutrients and calories per serving.