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Working out is great for your skin, but if you don’t have your postworkout skincare routine down to a tee, you can actually increase your chance of breakouts and skin problems.

We chatted to Skin Therapist Katie Marshall to find out what the best post workout skin care routine is.

Should we be removing make up before working out?

Yes absolutely. This will help prevent clogging pores, causing congestion and breakouts. If you are uncomfortable going, make up free or need a little colour in the cheeks use something that contains natural iron oxides for colour such as AlumierMD moisture Matte broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 40.

What happens if we leave make up on when we work out?

Link it to going into a sauna with make up on. Not only will it slide down your face (which is not a good look for anyone) but it will also build up in your pores creating milia (tiny white heads) comedones (blackheads), closed comedones (small bumps, under the skin that don’t go away but sometimes turn into nice red angry spot).  

Should you keep a face towel with you during a workout?

The skin is your largest organ with many different functions. Part of this is heat regulation, secretion and excretion (sweating).  So sweating is not terrible for the skin and will help to remove impurities. However, if left on the skin for a long period of time it can contribute to many skin issues. Sweat can alter the PH of the skin which will interfere with the skin’s natural protective barrier so if you notice that your skin feels itchy or becomes sensitive during a workout then removing during a workout would be beneficial.

I would advise to use a disposable towel during a workout as bacteria will build up on a towel quicker than you would realise. So, if your natural protective skin barrier is down and you wipe your skin throughout out your work out with the same towel which now has bacteria multiplying this will irritate the skin more and cause breakouts.

Should you wash your face straight after a workout?

Ideally you would clean the skin before and as soon as possible after a workout. Before to remove your makeup and any pollution and after to remove the sweat, remember the longer you allow the sweat to sit on the skin the more it effects skin health.

Avoid using wipes, people use these for quickness, but they do not clean the skin they just move the dirt around. They also alter the PH of the skin and what you need to do, is ensure the skin is functioning at its best to protect you during and after your workout.

What products would you recommend?

Instead of face wipes I would recommend Dermaviduals cleansing milk. This takes the same amount of time if not quicker. It will remove all makeup including waterproof mascara. It’s also free from emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes, mineral oils and silicone so will ensure skin is free from all dirt and make up without effecting the skin. Just use a pump on some cotton pads and wipe over the face just like you would a wipe.

After a work out to remove sweat and excess oil from the skin use a foaming face wash free from sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphates as these strip the skin making it feel tight and dry. I recommend Purifying gel cleanser from AlumierMD this is also ph balanced to the skin so will regulate the ph that the sweat has altered.

To avoid an oily shine, use an oil absorbing serum such as Matticlear from AlumierMD I call this the selfie serum as it gives a smooth matte finish and great under the moisture matte instead of a primer. It’s also anti-ageing which is always a plus!!

How do you reduce post workout redness?

If the redness is just from increased circulation, then this is a good thing, embrace it! Increasing circulation helps transport oxygen and nutrients to the skin and usually this form of redness will be gone within 10- 15 minutes.

However, if you are noticing the redness lasts for a long period of time then this is another subject and I would recommend that you get in touch with a qualified skin therapist to help you. It could be due to the skin staying within an alkaline PH instead of its natural acidic PH, which could be down to product use for example. It could be an indicator to sensitivity or rosacea or it may just be your skin type but through a thorough consultation your skin therapist will be able to help you with this.

What is the ideal post workout skincare routine?

The ideal post workout routine is to cleanse the skin with a PH balanced cleanser as close to your work out as you can, use an antioxidant serum to help mop up any free radical damage from the work out and protect with a mineral oil free moisturiser and an SPF.

If you do suffer from congestion, then after cleansing use an AHA leave on serum that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is attracted to oil, so will go into the pore to exfoliate, be prepared you may experience some skin purging when introducing this ingredient.  These would generally be prescribed by your skin therapist.

To find out more or to book in a skin consultation with Katie – click here

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