Pregnancy FAQ

Pregnancy Personal Training FAQ

Studio PT – come and visit us in our Warrington-based private, female-only fitness studio. Make use of our free parking, large studio space, functional training equipment and massage therapy room. Babies are welcome in our studios. Mobile PT – enjoy your personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home. Our trainers bring a wide range of portable equipment along to sessions and show you how to exercise at home for life – without the need for a gym membership.
All of our Personal Trainers are: *Female *Highly knowledgeable and experienced *Fully qualified in Pre & Post Natal Fitness (all our trainers will be willing to show you certificates upon request) *Undergone extensive training in our specific training methods, specific to female fitness *DBS checked, first-aid qualified and insured *Friendly, patient, supportive and empathetic
O​ur Specialist Trainers are worth every penny. Never just look at the cost of one session and value it simply as an hour’s training. You are not just paying for an hour’s workout with us. You are paying for a new outlook on life and your body and the likelihood that you will be able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and smooth postnatal recovery. We teach you, not tell you what to do. The cost of 1:1 training: - Studio-based training = £35 per hour. - Mobile (delivered in the home) training = £40 per hour
We require a booking of a minimum of 1 month’s personal training to secure you an FFA Specialist Trainer and allow them to plan a suitable programme for you. The minimum number of PT sessions we offer weekly is 1x per week (totals 4/5 sessions per month dependent on calendar month). However, our trainers can offer anything from 1-6 sessions per week dependent on your budget/availability in your area
We do offer an alternative option for those who do not need weekly motivation from a PT. Our alternative option is to pay just £50 a month for 1x 60 minute session with a month’s home programme planned for you to ensure you have safe and effective programme to follow between monthly visits from your trainer.
Yes! We offer nutritional guidance to all our PT clients. You will receive our nutritional pack which includes lots of information on what we believe are the basics of good nutrition. If you need to discuss your eating habits more closely with your PT, or have lots of questions, you can also choose to use one of your first one-to-one PT sessions to cover solely nutrition for an hour. Throughout your training your trainer will introduce you to plenty of tasty recipe/meal ideas. We do not believe in the chicken and broccoli diet/no-carb/Atkins/fasting/juicing or any other weird and wonderful diet out there. We don’t focus on intense calorie counting/macro-nutrient counting – we simply teach you how to make better food choices and introduce you to “intuitive eating” – learning to listen to what your body needs and nourishing it accordingly.
If you would like to go ahead and book your PT sessions, please complete the PT Enquiry Form   [gravityform id="2" title="true" description="true"]