Trish Keating

Dawn Jackson
1st September 2018
Bansi Patel
9th June 2018


Trish Keating is the Director of Tech Manchester and an all round lover of al things sport and fitness.

Tech Manchester’s vision is to digitally and physically connect tech stakeholders across Manchester, accelerating our digital businesses, driving growth and raising Manchester’s profile as a world-class tech hub.


Why is it important for you to include exercise in your busy schedule?

It’s vital, gives me some headspace to process things if I am doing a solo session like running or Spin, which really helps my mental wellbeing, or great way to catch up with colleagues if doing a group session

Feel good after doing sessions it’s a no brainier

2) What does your exercise routine involve?

We do HITT Circuits 3 times a week at 7am club on weekday mornings, netball match once weekly plus one long cardio session on a weekend

3) Do you think that exercise has played a role in your success?

Definitely, it teaches you so many social and personal skills from an early age which gives you an edge, commitment, communication, resilience, discipline, teamwork, maturity and this is just the tip of the iceberg

4) When and where do you like to work out (morning/night – home/gym/outdoors)

I am a morning person mainly! Get up at 6am and working out by 645am only exception is netball which is nighttime, and my weekend session which is still normally before 10am
5) has exercise/fitness always been a part of your life

I still have my first running medal and trophy as 1st U8 800m in 1984 Bryansford Road race when I was 7 years old so yes!!

6) Who is your role model?

I have many, Mark Pollock is the most inspirational as someone who lost his sight in his twenties, to trek to the South Pole and later after falling out of a 2nd story window suffering paralysis but still find the positive in life and is now dedicated to robotic technology and AI to find a way to walk again with an exo-skeleton.

He continues to do motivational speaking and visiting other paraplegic patients in hospital to help motivate them on their recovery. Whenever I think I am having a hard time I think of him to buck my self up.

7) What is your favourite fitness quote?

You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it