Gail Stubbings

Livi Parkins
27th September 2019
Suzanne Heaven
7th September 2019

Local artist Gail Stubbings is the founder of community art organisation Blooming Art.

Gail, supported by a team of volunteers helpers have transformed a former optician’s practice in the Warrington into a community art hub.

Her aim is “To bring art to the whole community, whatever your age, by working and developing partnerships with art and non-art organisations.

Gail runs classes for adults and children, workshops, team building, summer club, community work and isolated older generation to help with their well-being.

She works with individuals of all ages and abilities, developing partnerships with other art and non-art organisations.

Art enthusiasts are given the tools and opportunity to articulate, explore and express themselves through the means of art, aiding a healthier & happier lifestyle.


Why is it important for you to include exercise in your busy schedule?

It’s important because I’ve learned how important it is that I need to be healthy to enjoy life with my family & friends and run my business.  I used to always be active when I was younger and as I got busier, older I let exercise slowly lapse. However, since starting my business I have realised how important it is to make time for yourself and especially to workout and be active.

What does your exercise routine involve?

My exercise routine is varied, it includes walking my Wolfdog – which is a hardcore workout in itself! I regularly use my exercise bike at home if I can’t get out to the gym. I have recently started practising yoga which I have really enjoyed!  I also do a range of cardio, a couple of gym sessions a week and at least 100 lengths in the pool each week.

Do you think exercise has played a role in your success?

It’s not been a part of my success in raising my family or my business but it’s been a huge part of making me as a person feel successful.

When and where do you like to work out?

Mainly in the daytime at my local gym in between my art classes. Although I walk Lycan (wolfdog) early morning 5 times a week & go on my static bike twice a week.

Has exercise always been a part of your life?

Fitness used to be a huge part of my life before I got married and I regret letting my fitness go. Thankfully muscles have good memories and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into a good routine and enjoying the benefits of working out regularly.

Who is your role model?

I used to love Jane Fonda  & she looks amazing at 80 and is still very healthy. However, as a strong woman myself, any female that is willing to fight back at the world I hold in very high regards.

What is your favourite fitness quote?

It’s simple”Either do it or don’t”


To find out more about Gail and Blooming Art – click here