Ema Louise Hewitt

Jodie Hill
31st August 2019
Fab Giovanetti
17th August 2019

Ema Louise Hewitt is the founder of “Ema Hewitt’s House of Beauty” in Middlesbrough. Having trained in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy, Ema decided to set up her own salon and training academy in the North East and believes exercise has been key to her success.

1) Why is it important for you to include exercise in your busy schedule?
I find it’s important to exercise, as it not only keeps me healthy & active, but as business owner, mother, wife & friend it helps me to prepare for the days & weeks ahead. It also allows me my “me time” doing something I love for myself and not for others. We all say we need our time and this is the perfect way for myself, and it makes me feel energised & good about myself.
2) What does your exercise routine involve?
My exercise routine involves me waking at 6.30am every morning Mon-Thurs (5am Fri-Sun). I check my schedule for the day or social plans if I’m not actually at work.  I carry out any housework that may need doing (depending if I’ve had a lazy night) and most importantly having a cup of coffee. By the time 7.30am comes, 5 times a week I have  a personal trainer who comes to the house and puts me through my paces for 30mins.
3) Do you think that exercise has played a role in your success?
Exercise I feel contributes to my success, as whilst in the zone of burpees, walk down planks, dead lifts etc, whilst my trainer is counting & timing me, I am able to focus on how to execute ideas for work, what I can do with the kids (even though they are too cool for mam now they’re older). It helps me reflect on how I can improve as a wife & friend, as being busy with running my own business life can be quite hectic, & time consuming. Often I don’t get chance to do everything that I would like to. Exercise helps me to balance my mind to prioritise where my time can be spent for the better so that everyone is happy including myself.
4) When and where do you like to work out (morning/night – home/gym/outdoors)?
When working out I like to do this on a morning 7.30am to be precise, everyone is still asleep, at work or at school / college so I’m not cutting into their time.
5) Has exercise/fitness always been a part of your life?
From an early age, I have always been overweight, so my mother always tried to get me involved in all things active, which I really enjoyed. However,  over time we make excuses, get lazy, can’t be bothered etc so about 5 years ago a switch flipped and I managed to drop 5 stone.  It’s now more  important than ever to keep it a part of my life. I will never be stick thin, but that’s not my goal and even though I’ve put 1.5 stone back on,  staying fit and healthy is priority & more importantly I am happy, which is my main goal.
6) Who is your role model?
My role model, I’d have to say is Jenifer Lopez, I simply love the women! In everything she does,she goes hard, whilst at the same time manages to maintain a balanced work/home life. Lets face it the woman is fit.
7) What is your favourite fitness quote?
The fitness quote that keeps me inspired would have to be “don’t run from the work, feel the work” brought to us by the legendary Shaun T.
This man really helped me when I began getting back into fitness and his quote really resonates with me. It’s so easy for us, when things get hard, to think “not today i’ll leave it”, or “that’s too hard i’m going to stop, ouch my muscles ache so that’s enough”. But when we actually push ourselves and continue in anything, the rewards are amazing. So when you find something tough, or it’s not going your way, stick at it because the self satisfaction that you did this well no one can take that away from you.
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