Bonita Norris

Amy Merrywest
5th July 2019
Carley Jones
23rd November 2018

Bonita has climbed the world’s highest mountains, including Mt Everest (aged 22), and skied to the North pole.

In 2016 she made an attempt on K2 in Pakistan and in 2017 published her first book The Girl Who Climbed Everest

1) Why is it important for you to include exercise in your busy schedule?

Exercise for me is about re-connecting with nature my body and my mind. If I let my schedule get on top of me and don’t exercise, I just don’t feel as energised and inspired.

2) What does your exercise routine involve?

I exercise 4/5 times a week. I run in Swinley Forest in Bracknell on Sundays, I indoor rock climb twice a week, I go to a spin class once a week. I also try and fit in a few yoga flows at home before my day starts- these can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how I’m feeling.

3) Do you think that exercise has played a role in your success?

Absolutely. 100%. Running in Swinley Forest has given me endless hours to work through life problems in my head. Climbing has taught me how to face my fears, break down what seems like an impossible challenge and learn from failure.

Becoming a yoga teacher has taught me to see life from a whole new perspective- to embrace nuance, the space between and the implicit. Without climbing, running and yoga I don’t know what kind of person I’d be.

4) When and where do you like to work out (morning/night – home/gym/outdoors)

I’m a night owl so I love running after dark. I used to be out running after 10pm some nights. Yoga is definitely a morning thing though- no better way to start the day.

5) Has exercise/fitness always been a part of your life?

As a kid I was a club runner but stopped when I was 12. I rediscovered running aged 17 and haven’t looked back since, climbing and then yoga followed. I’m grateful I’ve been consistent over the years as I’m generally injury free, have a great base fitness and loads of experience to call upon.

6) Who is your role model?

I wouldn’t say I had a role model but I am constantly inspired by people. I was recently inspired by a woman who ran the UTMB whilst stopping to breast feed. I’m currently pregnant so this is huge for me!

7) What is your favourite fitness quote?

I can and I will

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