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11th May 2018
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7th April 2018

Dawn-Maria France is an accomplished award-winning journalist and travel writer who is passionate about children’s rights, women’s rights, equality and diversity. Dawn-Maria is the Editor-in-Chief of a wildly successful women’s news magazine called ‘Yorkshire Women’s Life’. She is a broadcasting veteran with experience on BBC TV, Sky and on radio.


1) Why is it important for you to include exercise in your busy schedule?

It’s important for me to make time to exercise – it keeps me fit and helps to focus my mind. I feel a sense of achievement when I’m able to keep on top of my keep-fit regime and see my fitness goals being reached.

2) What does your exercise routine involve?

It’s a combination of strength, toning and general exercise. My trainer has drawn up both an exercise plan and meal plan – which motivates me. We regularly review the plans, to keep me inspired and to ensure that my goals are achieved.

3) Do you think that exercise has played a role in your success?

I certainly feel better within myself: healthier, and confident, which contributes to my overall health. I attribute part of this success to my exercise regime.

4) When and where do you like to work out (morning/night – home/gym – outdoors)?

I work out indoors at home, in the evenings, with my trainer. At weekends, I use the personal keep-fit plan my trainer created for me.

5) Had exercise/fitness always been a part of your life?

I used to go to the gym twice a week, but the culture was too laddish and as a result, I didn’t feel comfortable. I stopped, but still went to Pilates and dance classes. However, owing to my work commitments and lifestyle, I find that employing a personal trainer is ideal for me. This ensures that I keep up with my fitness regime, especially when it’s combined with a meal plan.

6) Who is your role model?

Claudia Jones – who was a feminist, political activist, community leader, and a journalist. She is often described as the mother of Notting Hill Carnival – which is, without doubt, her lasting legacy. She helped to launch this in 1959, as an annual showcase for Caribbean talent.

7) What is your favourite fitness quote?

‘Work out. Eat well. Be Patient’.

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