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10th May 2020
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23rd May 2020

With the closure of gyms and leisure centres as a result of the lockdown, there has been a huge rise in online fitness. The fitness industry has really pulled it out to bag to ensure we all have access to exercise during this difficult time.

I’ve never really been overly keen on online training in the past. Until I was forced to move online with lockdown, had always thought it wouldn’t work for me. 

Maybe I was wrong…

I’m not too proud to admit that maybe I was wrong… fact, there’s no maybe about it. I was wrong. Although I’d take face to face fitness over online anytime, I do think there is definitely a place for it for Personal Trainers. 

For me personally, I enjoy the face to face interaction with a client. I like to be there in person so I can closely monitor technique and give that extra push of motivation. It’s really important for me to develop a strong relationship with my client and this really helps with them achieving their goals. Fitness training also provides a huge social component for our clients to and this is something that can’t be as effective online. 

Over the years, there have been times when a client has lived too far away to be able to make it to a session at the studio,  or timings haven’t worked out with available slots for them. In some cases, the pricing of private person training has not been affordable and as a result we haven’t been able to make it work. With hindsight, I think we may have been short sighted to disregard the option of online personal training in these instances. 

Flexibility & Freedom

Yes, it doesn’t give you the same level of access to the client to really be able to monitor technique and to manually adjust where required. It doesn’t give us access to the range of equipment and facilities at our studio, we are dependent on whatever kit the client has at home. However what it does provide is freedom and flexibility that some clients can really benefit from. 

Online training has enabled us to provide a much needed source of fitness for many of our clients during lockdown and also has brought us many new clients who are outside of our geophraphical location. Technology has enabled us to grow our audience and reach a whole new client base through online training. 

It has given me the flexibility to accommodate clients’ more easily as I’m not having to travel to different locations – I literally go into my “home gym” (also known as the kids playroom pre lockdown). This can make it a much more cost effective option for some clients as without the overheads of us providing space or using our equipment. 

Through the likes of Zoom and Facebook Lives we have been able to stream free weekly classes that can be recorded and then accessed at a time convenient to the client, providing an opportunity to grow our audience and ensure our clients have to classes.

Get Creative

It can be a challenge if our clients have zero equipment at home. However if there is one thing us PT’s are all great at (and this lockdown us made us even better) is being creative with exercise and being able to utilise basic items around the house as exercise equipment. We have had some great fun with pits of tights, tins of beans and sprinting up and down the stairs! 

Having been online now for the past seven weeks now, I’ve realised that although I will always go back to face to face training, online training will definitely have a place at The Female Fitness Academy when we reopen. 

I would love to hear your experiences of online fitness.

Claire x

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