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We get asked frequently when is the best time to workout? Should I workout on on a morning or later on in the day? 

The answer is, there is no best time – it complete depends on what works best for you. Research suggests that our bodies can adapt to regular gym dates, so if we hit the gym every day at 4 p.m., eventually we might perform better at that time than at any other time of day.

Everyone hits the snooze button

For me, it’s always been mornings when I perform best. I have always been a morning person, even as a little girl I remember getting up early, before my brother and sisters and having breakfast with my dad at the crack of dawn before he left for work. I’ve never felt the need or had any craving to sleep in past 8am. 

However, as I’ve got older, it’s not been as easy for me as it was when I was little, to just spring out of bed in a morning. I’m definitely guilty of hitting snooze on more than one occasion, usually when my nighttime routine has gone to pot….thanks to Netflix lol.

Starting the day with a workout

The main reason I want to be up early is that I want to be able to get my workouts done first thing on a morning, before the kids get up, before the days hussle and bussle starts but more importantly, I don’t want to have to do it if an evening. For me, my motivation to do any kind of physical activity after 7pm is non existent. 

Therefore, if I want to get my workouts in each week – I’ve just got to make sure I get up. 

Top tips

Here are my top tips for getting into a good morning workout routine:

  1. Preparation: I always get my kit ready the night before and have it all laid out ready to jump straight into when I wake up.
  2. I set three alarms on my phone at 6 min intervals to make sure even if I knock the alarm off, there are two back ups if i need them
  3. I plan my workout in advance so I know exactly what I’m going to be doing so my session is efficient use of my time in the morning.
  4. Drink a glass of water before I go to bed and have one at side of bed for when I wake up to make sure I’m hydrated
  5. Make sure I am settled in bed by 10pm ready to sleep and do a quick silence sequence relax my mind and body 

Like with any change to your routine, it’s hard at first but after a while your body adjusts and it becomes easier. Give it a few weeks and you will surprise yourself, you will start waking before your alarm! 

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