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7th June 2020
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5th July 2020
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As you will know, indoor gyms and fitness studios like ours are not allowed to open on 4th July, much to our surprise and disappointment.

We really thought that our closure was coming to an end and that we would be able to open. Not only do we believe we  provide a much-needed service to many women in the local community. We also were hoping it would provide that routine, social interaction and ultimately income that we are desperately craving at the moment.

However, the powers that be have decided that its just not safe enough to open indoor fitness facilities. Therefore, as with any challenge/problem thrown at us, we have to accept it and learn to adapt.

Although, believe me, accepting it was not as easy as it sounds and it did include several bottles of wine ( for me not Robyn) and lots of expletives in our whats app group following the briefing.  

It just feels like our industry is stuck in this lockdown limbo – we can’t open, but we know the benefits of exercise in terms of physical and mental health. We are watching as lots of other industries open up around us and cant help but feel we are being left behind.

Online Fatigue

We have been closed now for 15 weeks now and although we have been working hard to try and take our business online, it feels like we are stuck experiencing a little “online fatigue”.

Over the past few months, with the support of our clients, we have managed to operate online using Zoom, FB lives and IGTV to stream our workouts, webinars and Personal Training sessions to our followers. This has been AMAZING and it has definitely filled a void for us both financially and in terms of keeping that connection with our clients.  

However, like me, many clients are now wanting to get back to some socially distanced exercise. They want the chats during the rest periods, the social interaction with someone other than the supermarket checkout assistant and they want to get out of their houses.   Online Fitness has been (and is) a great tool and we will definitely incorporate it into our business moving forward, however, we desperately want to get back to seeing our clients in the flesh.

Outdoor Fitness

We are really lucky in that we have got outdoor space at our studio and so we would be foolish to not at least try and create an outdoor fitness offer because let’s face it  – we have no idea when we will be able to open our indoor facility.  

If this lockdown has taught us anything, it has made us more creative with exercise and how we can  work out in small spaces, with limited equipment and with kids/dogs running around our feet as we do so. Seriously, I didn’t think us women could multitask more than we were already doing pre COVID, but hey – we have surpassed ourselves here!

The only spanner in the works is the good old British weather! I know we have had some amazing weather during lockdown BUT, you can guarantee as soon as we start our outdoor sessions, our summer will be over and the rainy season will start. Although, I’m actually more confident in the weather helping us out over the next month than Boris!

How would it work for you?

I guess the point of my blog is asking you (our clients/followers) for some advice/inspiration/ideas in terms of what would you like to see our outdoor fitness service look like?  

It has to work not only for us as a business, but most importantly has to meet the needs of what our clients want.

* How does it need to work for you around childcare – do you need the kids to be able to come and join in?

*Are you happy to come and do an outdoor fitness session?

*Are you coming “whatever the weather”?

We would love to hear your thoughts/recommendations/ideas in the comments?


  1. katy w says:

    Would absolutely love to do some outdoor sessions. Missing the classes so much…Friday’s are good for me any time or Early evenings( 6pm ish) would suit this way I dont have to bring kids 😀 hope you’re all keeping well! Xx

  2. Loved this piece. Can’t wait to read your next blog 🙂

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing. Really love your blog!

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