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They say that when women come together, incredible things can happen...

Are you a fitness professional who is passionate about empowering women and changing the way women view their bodies and its capabilities. Do you find yourself constantly battling the media's promotion of “the perfect body” and quick fixes, fads and magic potions that promise to provide a better service than you can (even though we know that isn’t true).

Have you lost clients to the “mass participation market” who don’t necessarily provide specialist services to beginners, pre-natal and post natal women?

We are looking to recruit Personal Trainer’s who genuinely believe in changing the way women view health, fitness and more importantly the way they view themselves. Our team are passionate about exercise being done the right way, without cutting corners or using magic pills and potions to speed up the process.

As professionals, WE know that these methods are not safe (or effective long term) HOWEVER women still buy into them because of the clever marketing strategies used to target them. We understand how frustrating this is for a Personal Trainer who is against this approach, it is hard enough to build a strong client base and make a good living, without the added pressure of competing with such huge brands who promote weight loss products guaranteeing unrealistic results.

Let's work together to trailblaze the future of female fitness


We are growing a tribe of strong women who have had enough of the pressures placed upon us by the media, the unrealistic marketing targeting women in relation to weight loss and the companies promising impossible results. Our tribe is standing up and taking action against those in the fitness industry who think that this is acceptable to define a woman by the number on a scale, to those who convince women that deprivation is the answer to their problems, to those who use photoshopped images showing us what the “ideal body” looks like, to those who fitshame, fatshame, mumshame and who shame women every time they push exercise merely as a solution for reducing weight alone.

Our tribe is committed to challenging it, changing it and providing an alternative for women. Let us not work in competition with each other but work together to create a community of strong women trailblazing THE FUTURE OF FEMALE FITNESS.

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