My January Detox (with a twist)

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3rd December 2017
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5th January 2018

Christmas is barely over, and its now nigh on impossible to open a magazine, log into social media or even speak to a friend/colleague without hearing about the latest fad that’s going to change the “weight” of the nation this January!

Almost 50% of us will be starting January with our brand new resolutions – with the majority related to weight loss, exercise and healthy eating.

If you are contemplating dieting or joining some extreme exercise regime this January then please ask yourself, is this the same conversation you had last year? If it had really worked, you wouldn’t be contemplating doing it again would you because you would be “happy”?

I say “Happy” reluctantly because unfortunately, when you scratch the surface of most of the fad diets, extreme fitness regimes, or other similar things we commit to every January, you’ll find a desire to be happy and sadly, its somehow corelated to weight loss.

For many people the resolution lasts until at least February and in some cases many have lost “that extra weight”, been to the gym five days a week and even taking a salad to work every day for lunch.

However, we soon start falling back into our old habits and before we know it, that moment of happiness we felt in January is now a distant memory until next year. The problem is, I believe, that we are not addressing the route of the problem.

This year, I am going to be making a resolution and attempting to commit to a January Detox! Yes a DETOX and note that this will be the only time you will ever see me promoting any kind of detox as by now, you all know my feelings on detoxes.

My January detox is somewhat different to the regular January fads many of my friends and fellow females will be embarking on. I won’t be living off cabbage soup, fat burning pills, drinking the piss of wild boars or any of the other crazy shit that is plastered all over the internet as the best way to detox.

I will instead, be attempting to complete a 30 day Judgement Detox – both how I judge other people but more importantly on how I judge myself. This is not me confessing that I go around publicly humiliating people, passing judgement on everyone I interact with on a daily basis. Its about the judgements I don’t even realise I am making.

When you ask most people why they are committing to their New Years resolutions whether it be to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking or whatever it is, its nearly always because of a negative self- judgement.

“I want to lose weight because I hate how I look”
“I want to exercise more because I cant fit in my clothes”

We have become so accustomed to negative self talk that it is becoming habitual and we no longer recognise that we are even doing it.
How many times have you flicked through a magazine and for a split second, took secret pleasure looking at an unflattering photo of a celebrity?

How many of us have passed someone in the street and thought to yourself “What is she wearing?”

How many of us have nodded in agreement or even said “Why is he with her?” based purely on appearance?

We have all been there in some form – or at least I know I have (which I’m ashamed to admit). Even though these are things that we never say out loud to hurt another person, we say them in our heads and without realising it, we are hurting ourselves. I know for me, it is something that I am making a conscious decision to change. Hence the January Judgement Detox.

According to Gaby Bernstein (lifestyle guru) judging yourself and others can actually stop you being happy, make you feel negative and is ultimately ruin your life.

She found that becoming more aware of her judgements made her a more mindful and conscious person. So, here goes nothing – for this whole month I am going to be adopting Gaby’s mantra “I will judge nothing that occurs” and keep you posted on my progress.


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