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26th November 2017
My January Detox (with a twist)
31st December 2017

I’ve lost count now of the number of emails I have received from strangers (and friends) telling me how they can help triple our income at The Female Fitness Academy. I could probably have tripled our income already if I’d had a pound for each one!

Obviously, when someone makes a claim that they can help you earn lots of money, you are going to sit up and listen…… at least I do till I hear the dreaded sales pitch for some kind of shake, detox tea, magic pill, weight loss jab, sweat suit and the hundreds of other fad supplements we have been approached to sell/distribute.

Apologies if the term ‘fad’ offends you because I get that you are passionate about your product and your business and I admire that, I really do. However, you need to understand, that I am equally passionate but in the total opposite direction and no amount of persuasion will ever change my mind…..even the promise of thousands of pounds extra income.

I totally agree with you on the income that if we did go along the lines of distributing some kind of crazy weight loss supplement, it would likely increase significantly – I do not dispute this.  In fact, so many times we have looked at friends/competitors and seen how ‘financially successful’ they are selling products like these. This is what is actually so wrong with the industry, that it’s actually dominated by quick fixes, fads and promises all based around losing weight to achieve “the perfect body”.

Core Values

In case you didn’t already know this about Robyn and me – we are not in this business for the money.  I’d be totally lying if I said we didn’t want to make money, because we do. We have mortgages to pay, families to look after and we want a comfortable lifestyle. For most entrepreneurs that’s one of the reasons we all go into business, however, for many I have come across it’s not the primary goal. For Robyn and me,  we want to make a difference and change the way women view exercise and view themselves. For us, our core values and our customers are far more important than any sale. It is that simple.

This is something we agreed on when we first set up our business and it is something that we would never compromise on.  I would guess that we would probably be bringing in a lot more money if we sold out on our values and decided to promote anything and everything to all of our clients. But we would be going against EVERYTHING that we believe in and more importantly, doing our customers a disservice.

Train 2 Gain

We believe in empowering women to TRAIN 2 GAIN – to focus on what exercise and healthy living can ADD to your life, not focusing on what you want to lose and racing to see how quickly you can lose it.  We aren’t in this business to sell the promise of happiness based on weight loss, fads and quick fixes because for those of you who have tried – you know that happiness can’t be found on the scales or in a dress size.

What worries me, is that many in the industry are selling this “dream” as a reality just to make money, rather than because it is the right thing to do.  I understand that we all need to make money and its sad that the industry has evolved this way, especially given the impact it is having on women and girls. This really hit home to me when I went to the screening of “Embrace” by Taryn Brumfitt over the weekend. For those of you who haven’t seen it – watch it, for those who have, you know what I am talking about.

The future generation

As a mother of two daughters, it terrifies me that they might grow up thinking that they need to strive towards a thigh gap, even worse that they need to inject themselves with god knows what to achieve, it.

I worry that they will be “conditioned” to see exercise only as a way to drop a dress size or to get a ‘bikini body’ or that they can take three shakes a day as a shortcut to this. I don’t know which is worse?!

I am hopeful though and am confident that with my influence and those of the people around me, I can ensure this doesn’t happen. However, when the majority of the global advertising all around them is telling them the opposite message, then I do have a little panic inside me.

The thought of my children feeling inadequate because of the size of clothes they wear, the size of their glutes, or anything that relates to their physical appearance makes me feel sick.

I want them to concern themselves with being nice people, being kind, being assertive, being independent,  being happy and not for one second feeling that they are not worthy because of how they compare to the girls on Instagram.  Because let’s face, even the girls on Instagram don’t really look like the girls on Instagram.

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