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17th February 2019
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We totally get that gyms work for a lot of people – I love going to the gym and it would always be my first choice when working out. On the flip side, Robyn would choose a home workout over the gym any day of the week.

The main thing is, we both not only get a good (equal) workout, but more importantly we enjoy it and that is what is fundamental if you want to get consistent with your training. There is no point making yourself go to the gym if it’s not for you. Home training can be just as effective if done correctly and saves on time, childcare and gym membership costs!

So, if the gym is not for you, then here is our short guide to some of the best (in our opinion) pieces of home training equipment you can invest in to maximise your workouts at home:


I have been a kettlebell convert for about 5 years and absolutely love using them in my training both in the gym and at home.


  • Improves functional strength
  • Combines strength and cardio
  • Portable
  • Allows you to train unilaterally (equal on both sides of the body)
  • Endless variety of exercises

Where to buy: We love Wolverson Fitness for our Kettlebells

Suspension Trainer

Invented by a US Navy Seal to keep the team in peak physical condition, these are a fantastic training aid and can be pretty much used anywhere.


  • Uses minimum space
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Challenges balance/stability
  • Low impact
  • Can be packed away easily

Where to buy: The original TRX® will set you approx. £130, however Lidl have recently starting stocking the Crevit Suspension Trainer for only £14.99 and it is a great alternative.


Sliders are a great piece of home exercise kit but actually, if you have a polished floor, you can substitute them with a tea towel and get the same result!


  • Engage core
  • Adds instability to exercises
  • Concentric/Eccentric training
  • Inexpensive

Where to buy: Amazon sell the CampTeck dual sided sliders for just £4.99

Resistance Tubes

This is probably our most utilised piece of kit when training our clients in the home. A resistance tube set is so versatile and can provide a really good full body workout


  • Adds assistance as well as resistance
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Portable
  • Can do a whole body workout

Where to buy: Amazon sell the Topelek resistance tube full home kit for £14.99

Step Box

Ok so we are not suggesting that you are going to be doing 90’s style step aerobics from your living (although, this is actually quite a fun workout). However, these boxes are multi use and can really “step up” your home training


  • Suitable for cardio/strength
  • Small space required
  • Functional movements

Where to buy: Decathlon sell their Domyos version for just £17.99

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