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4th June 2018
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10th June 2018

If you’re anything like me (a disorganised mum) then your gym bag is about as organised as your life……chaotic with a hint of babywipes!

I keep promising myself I will take all the sh*t out of my gym bag and just keep the essentials in there but somehow……it all keeps sneaking back in.

Since having kids, I’ve developed an obsession with baby wipes – you can literally use them for EVERYTHING (or so i keep convincing myself). I literally have packs of them in every bag I own, in my car, my desk and it’s now a non-negotiable item staying in my gym bag top 10.

My Top 10

But what are the other essentials that you should have in your gym bag? My top ten tips would be:

1. Babywipes
2. Water bottle
3. Tampax
4. Gymboss timer
5. Headphones
6. Towel
7. Deodorant
8. Vaseline
9. Gloves
10. Padlock

What are your gym bag essentials?

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