Give her (and all the other mothers) a break!

2nd April 2018
Do you chase soreness?
29th April 2018

I’ve just been scrolling through social media (as you do when you have a million other things you should be getting on with) and came across the latest “OK Magazine” headline claiming that Kate and William SNUBBED the British public by not hanging around outside (in the cold) to answer questions.  How dare they!

Seriously?? What is wrong with you????  The woman had literally given birth 7 hours before to an 8lb baby. Yes,  we have no idea how her labour went, but for those of us who have been through it, we know that the last thing you want to do after squeezing a something the size of a watermelon out of a small hole, is to stand on your feet (in heels) and answer questions from strangers.

Is it not enough that following labour, she has had to get dressed up, make up applied, hair done and stand for the cameras outside in the cold – in heels I might add?  I don’t think I wore anything but pyjamas for the first week when both my babies were born. The thought of dressing up and squeezing into a pair of heels 7 hours after delivery is almost as painful as labour itself.

I get that they are the future King and Queen and that there are traditions that they must follow and expectations from the public, but ffs give them a break. What right do we have to expect Kate to be put through that ordeal as a new mother, just because she is married to Prince William?

I think that anyone that cared enough about the royal baby that they camped over at the hospital, care enough to want what is best for the mother and baby.  I don’t believe for a second they took this as a “snub”, I think its just the typical shite published in the media that continues to shame mothers for whatever decision they make.  Had they both stood there answering questions, would the headline read “Kate & William keep new baby out in the cold while posing for photos and answering questions”?

No doubt, this story will soon turn from Kate snubbing the public (to be with her family) to Kate snubbing her family (to workout) if she looks slightly leaner in a few weeks.  Honestly, there will be something that the press will publicly shame her for, she cant win. None of us can.

If she accepts support with the baby, if she breastfeeds, if she does night feeds……….. every single choice she makes (and every other mother) someone is always there to pass judgment.  To you people – STOP!   Yes she is a public figure and therefore her privacy is limited, but respect her as a mother.   If you’re going to judge, save it for her choices/actions in her royal role when representing our country – not her choices as a mother.



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