First Trimester – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Finally!! I am now officially well into my second trimester of pregnancy!  

I hate to say it, but I never enjoy the first trimester… of course the feelings of pure gratitude for being able to bring a new life into the world and the excitement of eventually meeting your new little person totally make up for feeling so rough for the first few months! But I do think it’s important to share the good, the bad and the down-right ugly for those other Mamas who may be struggling to power through trimester 1. So here goes…

The good…

The joy of telling our daughters

They didn’t believe us when we told them that they were going to be big sisters! They kept asking if it was “real” life. Now it is just “how many more sleeps till the baby’s here?” EVERY SINGLE morning…try 5 more months of sleeps girls!

They are being very sweet though! The other day Leyla-Rose was on her hands and knees wiping up water brought in from the paddling pool and she declares “I don’t want Mummy to slip with the baby”. Bless!

Keeping active

This has defo been a GOOD point – although difficult to do at times. Afterwards, it is like magic though. Less stressed, boosted energy and better mood! Exhaustion is common in the first trimester and I have certainly felt that! As well as growing a little one, I have been “locked” up with two daughters to attempt to “home-school”, a business to change/adapt massively over the past 12 weeks and my Masters dissertation to complete/exams to pass.

It would be easy to say I am too exhausted to exercise. But that would be like saying “I’m too hungry to eat”. Exercise actually boosts energy levels – as long as you aren’t going overboard. I’m not talking about going crazy and jumping round my living room whilst swinging kettlebells all over the place. I have simply gone on short walks for fresh air and Vit D and performed some basic postural strength exercises to stay strong for labour and to recover well afterwards.

Some days, the sickness has been so bad I have just stretched as its all I could manage and that’s ok! (If you are confused over what exercise is safe and effective for you right now, head on over and join our free Facebook group, where I deliver a LIVE pregnancy workout every Sunday morning.)

The bad…

Crazy hormones

One minute I’m sat crying over a cute video of a micropig in a tutu on Youtube and the next I’m sat staring at my partner, like a serial killer because he’s breathing too loudly (seriously.) Or throwing a complete wobbler because he has come back from the shop without the one thing I was particularly craving that day (sorry Mark.) 

Sleepless nights and very weird dreams

Night times have gone like this for so far…lie there staring at the ceiling. Think about 101 things that absolutely aren’t important. Google endless questions about the baby. Panic that I need to sleep soon or I won’t get enough. Don’t sleep because panicking. Stare at Mark for a while (again like a serial killer) and wake him up to ask him why he thinks that now is a good time to take up snoring. Finally fall asleep. Have endless, vivid and VERY strange dreams…wake up early to PUKE.

The only thing I have found has helped this is relaxation…such as breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation. 

The ugly…

Morning sickness

Although it’s not. It’s morning, noon and evening sickness – well it was for me! Wake up, instantly run down to shove some dry toast into my mouth before I start heaving all over the place. That was my PAO each morning. As soon as I let myself get hungry, bam! That nausea and sickness kicked in. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s not pretty when I am sick either…I am so dramatic! You would be forgiven for thinking I am a woman possessed – I am sooooo loud.

My kids were amazing here, bringing me extra toilet roll, a glass of water and then standing outside the door shouting motivation like “come on mum, be brave, you got this!” Really made me chuckle at times. One thing I have learnt is never attempt to eat and drink at the same time. This would always set me off! And I basically lived off slices of toast this first trimester as I couldn’t stomach anything else. So, I now have a bump which I’m not quite sure how much is baby and how much is pure bread bloat! 


My partner had a burger with raw onions on one day and I made him sleep on the sofa and not step foot near me till the morning after! (I’m pregnant, it’s totally ok to be absolutely unreasonable.) It just made me gag every time he came near me! 

Nipples in agony!

This was actually one of the first signs that suggested I was expecting. I remember it clearly from both previous pregnancies. My nipples are soooooooo SORE! When I get cold – they sting like mad. I am seriously considering wearing heated nipple tassels! 

This shall pass…

However, for all you Mamas who are soldiering through these first few weeks. Just remember, pregnancy is THE nicest reason for feeling like absolute sh*t! And for most women, it does get better. I am now feeling a lot more alive than a few weeks ago (albeit the odd bit of sickness creeping in here and there.)

Bring on the blooming stage! 

Drop me a comment below and let me know how your first trimester is going…

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