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29th April 2018
The F Word
1st June 2018

You may have seen quite a lot in the media recently about influencers and the lack of regulations/morals when it comes to some of the products that they are endorsing to their millions of followers.

Take for instance Kim K who last week posted to her 11 million fans promoting an appetite suppressant lollipop that will guarantee to help them stop eating!!!!  What the actual F**K??  There is so much wrong with this on so many levels……its hard to even know where to begin.  Why do we need to suppress our appetites and why on earth is she telling her fans (many of which are young impressionable girls) that they should be trying to?  As a woman who proudly boasts her body confidence and talks about loving ourselves and our bodies – at what point did she think this massive contradiction made any sense?

I totally get that in 2018 “influencing” is now a very lucrative career and with the growth in social media, there is a lot of money to be made. However, there surely comes a point where your morals (or some industry regulations) need to come in to play? There has to be a line that even Kim K isn’t prepared to cross – or is there?

As a fitness professional, I think social media can be a great tool for sharing tips, workouts and motivational posts to encourage people to get more active.  However, the frustrating thing for me, someone who has worked hard gaining qualifications and experience, is that there are so many people (namely celebs) popping up on the fitness scene and promoting ridiculous products.  They give out incorrect advice and people are taking this at face value because, well surely, its got to be right if “Celeb A” says so because she looks great! How can we compete?

I was reading recently that Davina McCall has decided to spend this year training as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – YES! She realises that if she is going to keep making fitness DVD’s, giving out advice to people who take everything she says as gospel, then she needs to really back this all up with qualifications, knowledge and experience.  I have so much respect for her….it would have been very easy for her to sit back and ride the fitness wave of success without doing this, but she clearly believes in what she is doing and is passionate about helping others – not just getting money for “influencing” or selling DVD’s.

There are so many celebs currently on social media endorsing shakes, pills, teas, workouts and god knows what else – many of which haven’t got a clue about what they are actually promoting and whether or not its safe or effective for their fans to use/follow. How is this even allowed??

I recently saw a post by a new celeb mum promoting a shake weight loss programme as being best way for new mums to get their “pre baby body back”.  This is outrageous, targeting a vulnerable audience of new mums and firstly, suggesting that their priority should be “bouncing back” in relation to aesthetics but secondly and more dangerous, is suggesting that a shake weight loss programme is healthy approach for a new mum.

I can pretty much guarantee that most of the people promoting these fads are not actually taking them or following the programmes themselves. They are just been paid to tell anyone who is listening that they are and that its responsible for their “miraculous body transformation”.

Please to everyone reading this – before you are “influenced” into buying a new diet,a training programme or any kind of weight loss products endorsed by “celebs” – ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any qualified Fitness professionals currently endorsing this product?
    1. If not, why do you think that is?
  • Is this “influencer” qualified in the advice they are giving or just posting pre-prepared content?
  • Do you really believe that their “fitness results” are actually a direct result of this product?


There are so many amazing fitness professionals out there who can really help you achieve your goals without the need for fads, shakes or crazy diets – please, just because they don’t feature on some prime time reality show, don’t write them off. Give them a chance and more importantly, give yourself a better chance of getting fit and staying fit.



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