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16th January 2021
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14th February 2021
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In case you didn’t realise, our boobs move independently to the rest of our body! They don’t have any muscle and so are supported purely by our skin and ligaments!  For some women – that is a LOT of support going on!

So when we jump around / run / (and are boobs do their own thing) our skin is able to resist a certain amount of the strain.

However, if our boobs are moving 60% or more then irreversible damage can occur meaning that the ligaments and skin (the only things supporting our boobs) will NOT return to their original shape once stretched. WTF?!

This strain can lead to a both pain and the dreaded sagging! Who wants that?!

So, listen up people with boobs – this is why a good sports bra vital during exercise as it prevents damage to the boobs by not letting them dance to their own beat!  You wouldn’t believe how many of my clients start the session saying (Oh, I forgot to put my sports bra on………you know who you are).  Seriously, its really important that we protect our boobs when we are working out.  You’ve probably invested in new training shoes, possibly a new outfit, not to mention paying for the personal training or gym membership. PLEASE do not forget to invest in a sports bra.

If you don’t know where to start in picking a sports bra – here are some recommendations we have had from clients (those who do wear a sports bra lol)

Please let us know of any others that you have tried and would recommend!



 (great for teenagers/growing bodies)


Claire x

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