2nd December 2019

    5 tips for keeping your baby warm and cosy on your winter walks

    Summer has been and gone and the colder months are already upon us. And, while this means wrapping yourself up when you go outdoors to exercise, […]
    9th July 2019
    Mums Fitness

    Walkin’ Talkin’ Mums™

    It’s safe to say that as new mums we all know that there are endless benefits to incorporating exercise into our weekly schedule. It can regulate […]
    19th June 2019

    “It wasn’t like this in our day”

      Take a quick look at this picture… We hear a lot about how the pressures on women to look a certain way is enormous right […]
    7th May 2019

    Why you should get a ‘Workout Partner’

    I used to always think that working out alone was far more effective when it came to my training regime. I could maximise my time so […]
    15th April 2019

    Top 5 Home Workout Equipment

    We totally get that gyms work for a lot of people – I love going to the gym and it would always be my first choice […]
    17th February 2019

    Sleepover in the snow

    I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a few weeks now, not because I don’t want to talk about our amazing adventure but because I […]
    7th January 2019

    The 5:2 Vegans

    We will be simply applying the format to our diet in relation to veganism; 5 days of the week we will eat normally (which will still be vegetarian for my daughter) and 2 days of the week we will eat vegan.
    9th December 2018

    The (affordable) Gift of Fitness

    We all have that one friend who is obsessed with fitness and is constantly trying to convince us that we should be too! (I think this […]
    2nd December 2018

    Top 10 Myths – PostNatal Exercise

    There are endless myths surrounding exercise, fitness and weight. Add in to the mix that you’ve just had a baby and Boom – it’s a whole […]
    25th November 2018

    Winter Workout Motivation

    The clocks go back, the nights start getting darker and if you’re anything like me, your motivation to work out is slowly dwindling too? When it’s […]
    18th November 2018

    Bounce Back or Step Forward?

    I think it’s safe to say that most of us understand that dwelling on past events, mistakes, relationships and failures is just not healthy. Research tells […]
    21st October 2018

    What is fitness?

    The Oxford Dictionary tells us that fitness is:   “the condition of being physically fit and healthy”   However, ask Instragram/Twitter/Social Media and you will probably […]
    7th October 2018

    How To Get The Perfect Body….

    So…. you’re possibly reading this blog because having seen the title, you are absolutely raging and looking to see what utter bull shit I’ve written. You […]
    9th September 2018

    It’s all about me!

    Have you ever found that after a crazy, stressful week of working long hours and feeling overwhelmed, you finally make it to the weekend only to […]
    10th August 2018


    The word “holistic” has become a bit of a buzzword – it’s popping up everywhere. But take a look at what it really means,and you’ll understand […]
    23rd July 2018

    When can I start exercising after having a baby?

    Now this is a question that we get asked time and time again and the answer depends on a number of things but there’s no set […]
    15th July 2018

    ‘Babe’ changed my life!

    I’m sure you’ve all seen that cute little talking pig, Babe….. if you haven’t, please, watch with caution and I’ll tell you why……. Like most parents […]
    13th June 2018

    Morning motivation

    We get asked frequently when is the best time to workout? Should I workout on on a morning or later on in the day?  The answer […]
    10th June 2018

    How to work out during school holidays.

    As a busy mum during school holidays, often I struggle just trying to work, entertain the kids, walk the dog and make sure the house is […]
    7th June 2018

    Gym Bag Essentials

    If you’re anything like me (a disorganised mum) then your gym bag is about as organised as your life……chaotic with a hint of babywipes! I keep […]