Introducing your bloggers

17th November 2017

How did we get here?

We often get asked the question: “How did you end up doing this?”……..So here’s our answer In 2012, Robyn and I were both pregnant with our […]
22nd October 2017

Losing my mojo

Over the past few months, I’ve lost my fitness mojo. I’m not really sure when it happened or what caused it but for the first time […]
17th October 2017

Exercise is NOT a Four-Letter Word!

I’m 61, overweight, 29 years postnatal with exercise-phobia. Since childhood, exercise, to me, has been something of a dirty word. Our typical family exercise usually began […]
1st October 2017

Post-natal exercise…what to avoid!

As a post-natal exercise specialist, I meet so many mums who don’t just want things to look a little more like they used to, but they […]
24th September 2017

The “Perfect” Post-Baby Body

The first thing I want you to do before you read this blog, is to look down at your new body…what do you feel? You should […]
12th June 2017

Why climbing mountains is so very restful

I have always found it really hard to switch off and totally relax. As a working mum...