An Ode to Mothers

I like to move it, move it!
4th February 2018
To pee or not to pee, that is the question!
24th February 2018

We are a tribe and we share the same view
That all mums are equal just like me, just like you


So whether you’re bottle or whether you’re  breast
. Our tribe is not here to tell you what’s best


Our tribe have their views on being a mother.
But that doesn’t mean being they are better than another


Some co-sleep, some don’t and some are overbearing.  Some follow all the books and some babywearing


Some are at work, at the gym or at home, 
while some are just struggling to cope all alone

Our tribe will not judge you, our tribe will not shame
.  Our tribe understand we love our babies all the same.

So please join our tribe who parent how we choose
. Where we celebrate our differences and accept differing views


No pressure, no judging and definitely no shame.

Just likeminded women, giving motherhood a good name.



Claire x

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  1. Love this Claire .. there was no support whatsoever when I was a young mum .. which is too many years ago to count now!!

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