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We all have that one friend who is obsessed with fitness and is constantly trying to convince us that we should be too! (I think this might be me?)

Fitness for me provides so much positivity in my life in terms of stress reduction, it helps me sleep, it keeps me strong and active, it gives me ‘time out’ and can also provide really good social opportunities.

Although I really want to pass on these benefits to my friends, I’ve come to realise that it’s really important I hold back this inner desire to convert everyone I know into a fitness lover, especially when it comes to gifting.  After all, gifts are supposed to be about the receiver and not the giver.

So, before you rush out buying all of these fitness gifts for your female friends – ask yourself this: Am I giving them a fitness gift because I think they want it, or because I think they should want it?

If it’s the latter then this post probably isn’t for you.  However, if you think they do want it, or better yet KNOW they want it, then here is my affordable top 10 gifts of fitness for 2018.  This isn’t a sponsored post, they’re all products that I genuinely use (and love) and as CEO of a Fitness Company, I try out a lot of fitness products.

1) Fitness Tracker

There are so many fitness trackers out there now its hard to know where to start when looking to buy one. For me, I wear the FitBit Charge 2 and absolutely love it. In August this year, the Charge 3 was released and has many additional features to the Charge2 including:


*7 day battery life


*Goal based settings

*Notifications and reply option

*SP02 sensor

For just £149 I think it gives the apple watch a good run for its money and I would love to receive this as a gift at Christmas.

2) Fitness Clothing

High street stores are now hot on the heels of high end fitness brands, competing with fabrics, features and more importantly – being fit for purpose.  There is nothing worse then dropping into a squat at the gym and realising the person behind can see right through your leggings. I have tried out pretty much every high street sportswear range and my two favourites are:

3) Water bottle

Since Blue Planet II last year, we have all been on a mission to reduce our plastic consumption and one of the ways in which we have done this is through the use of reusable bottles.  Whether it’ss for exercise or just to have at work a water bottle is a great way of making sure you drink enough during the day and a brilliant gift.

My favourite bottle brand at the moment is Chilly’s – with bottles from £20, they promise (and actually do) keep drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, sweat free, bpa free and most importantly for me – Leak proof!

4) Wireless Headphones

Music is my motivator and I always need music to motivate me when I am working out. I was over the moon when I got these for mothers day earlier this year of my daughters. The KS Outrun Bluetooth Earphones are only £22.99 and have around 6 hours play time.

5) Fitness Equipment

As a mum of two small children, I am a big fan of working out at home when the kids are in bed.  One of the best pieces of kit I have bought recently is this Mirafit Kettlbell set. It’s a three set of kettlebells (5,10,15lbs) for only £19.95 and is a great starter piece for someone looking to begin working out at home.

6) No Kink Hair Ties

Every woman with long hair needs a pack of these!! Hey! Holla’s small hair bands are great little stocking fillers at only £5 a pack! If you haven’t time to wash your hair when you work out, you can tie them up with these and honestly you will not have any kinks in your hair when you take them out – like magic!

7) Sports Massage Voucher

We all know how important it is to exercise and keep active, but if we are working out regularly having a sports massage can really help your progress/performance.   It will help you become more flexible, reduce inflammation and improve circulation, which all contributes to your recovery after exercise.

8) Gym Bag

The Decathlon Domyos gym bag was recently voted “Best Buy” in The Independent and at £14.99, with plenty of pockets, a good size and available in 8 colours it provides everything you need for carrying your gym kit.

9) Skincare Products

Pretty Athletic are a British company offering a wide range of skincare products specifically designed for Pre & Post workout. They are 95% natural, vegan, and packed with scientifically-proven actives.  With prices ranging from £15-£28.

10) Magazine Subscription

So far, I’ve not come across a fitness magazine that isn’t full of airbrushed images of gorgeous women yet (please let me know if I’ve overlooked one). That was until I stumbled across Intrepid Magazine!  If you’re into adventure and the outdoors then this is the magazine for you! Filled with un airbrushed women, female experts in their field and so many inspirational features and is only £5 per month!

So, check out these products and let me know if you find any other “must have” gifts of fitness that we can’t do without!




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