About us

We are not your average fitness company

We are not about the latest fads and trends, our beliefs are based purely on tried and tested methods taking you right back to basics in order to reprogramme you physically and mentally. Today more than ever, we find there are so many brands purely promoting weight loss, whether it be magic pills, detox teas, slimming shakes, crazy cleanses, summer bodies and a whole other range of “chemical sh*t storms” aimed at rapid weight loss. If a quick fix, chemically aided “weight loss” programme is what you are looking for – unfortunately, The Female Fitness Academy is not the place for you.
We will work with you to help you become stronger and more confident, as well as educate you on how to make healthy choices and to teach you to re-focus your mind away from the torturous task of stepping on the scales each day. Your self-worth is not defined by those numbers. We are friends, mums and business partners who came together because we wanted to change the way in which women view exercise and teach them how to use and fuel their bodies effectively to achieve great things – NOT just lower a number on a scale. We believe that The Female Fitness Academy is more than ‘just another fitness craze’, it’s a new way of life and an improved sense of being.

All of our methods work with women to achieve:

  • A healthier relationship between exercise and food
  • A stronger, healthier body
  • A strong foundation to enable you participate in a range of physical activities
  • A new outlook on what Health & Fitness is really about
  • A Balanced/realistic approach to fitness

We believe that there are far too many extreme approaches out there, predominantly aimed at women such as Gluten Free, Paleo, 5:2, Atkins…The list is endless. We don’t believe that food and exercise should be regimented – there shouldn’t be rules. We don’t believe in removing things from your lifestyle that you enjoy (research shows that it won’t last anyway if you take the deprivation method). We don’t tell you what to do – we teach you about why it is important to ADD things to your lifestyle eg specific food groups and exercise. If you understand why you are doing something, you are much more likely to sustain it.

The Female Fitness Academy has developed a series of methods to support women in every stage of their life:

Our methods are NOT exercises classes, crazes or workouts in the traditional sense. We're not offering an alternative to mainstream exercises classes and programmes. We're offering the “pre-requisite” to beginning ANY exercise programme.

We believe that too many women embark on exercise programmes such as bootcamps, mass participation high repetition strength classes, pilates, yoga, dance, intense online shreds and advanced weight training plans well before they are ready. The foundations of fitness must be laid down first. Don’t get us wrong – these are all fantastic exercise programmes and can produce excellent results when taught well.

HOWEVER, the majority of these options are not suitable for most beginners to exercise as they simply do not have the “base” level of fitness to be able to function effectively in these sessions and to reap maximum benefits. We see so many women join classes in which they are expected to perform exercises such as Jump Squats & Box Jumps – yet many of them perform the basic squat incorrectly. Their poor posture, weak core/pelvic floor muscles, results in many exercises being performed unsafely.

We see women holding planks for periods of time – yet cannot brace their core effectively to protect their lower back and pelvic floor.

Think of it like learning to swim – you start in the small pool with floatation aids until you develop a base level of swimming. You would never jump straight into the deep end, otherwise you could drown!

We believe that a base level of fitness is crucial for all women to be able to exercise effectively and to achieve their goals. Our methods are based on fundamental primal movements, building whole core strength, re-aligning the body & learning basic, correct exercise form.

By giving women a strong functional base while simultaneously developing behaviour change, positive mental attitude and self confidence, we will enable them to progress onto a range of fitness classes including those above BUT this time they will have a reduced risk of injury, better technique, better mindset, better approach to nutrition and therefore will see better results and more likely to sustain. This, we believe, is THE FUTURE OF FEMALE FITNESS.