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17th November 2017
It’s not about the money…..
3rd December 2017

Guest post by Dawn Jackson, Founder of RehabForMums.com


I’ve been wanting to start working out for ages (and I’ll happily put my yoga pants on every day) but I talk myself out of it time and time again. It’s so easy to find excuses! My head says:

• I don’t have time!
• I haven’t got the energy!
• It’s raining (!)
• I can’t possibly commit to a class at the same time each week!
• I can’t afford it!
• I’ve left it too late – I’ll never lose this mummy tummy!
Sound familiar?

In my business, I work with women to help shift and improve their mindset on all kinds of issues such as mum-guilt, feeling overwhelmed and self-care. So why am I struggling so much to change my own exercise mindset?

The thought even crossed my mind that I’m NOT FIT ENOUGH TO GET STARTED! Which really doesn’t make any logical sense. It’s like cleaning up before the cleaner comes.


1. If you’re not being kind to your body then you’re not being kind to yourself. Taking care of your body is important for a healthy mind, the mind/body connection is so strong
2. There is ALWAYS time for exercise if you really WANT to do it
3. When you take care of yourself, you can better take care of others, it’s not selfish
4. It’s about progress not perfection, you don’t need to wish for washboard abs
5. Consider the message you are giving your kids when they see you looking after yourself and your health – they see more than you realise, let this become something normal to them.

Once I’d thought about it in these terms, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the local Mummy Tummy Method classes – and when a quote popped up on my Facebook newsfeed that said: “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”…I knew it was right.

I KNOW from past experience that when I work out I feel more positive – those endorphins and serotonin flood the brain and make me high, and it feels great to have the oxygen and blood pumping round my body… I get more energy and better sleep, which are excellent reasons in their own right to start moving.

Robyn’s Mummy Tummy Method class promises in 6 weeks to deliver a stronger core and pelvic floor that have been weakened in pregnancy, and even though it’s been ages since I had my babies – I need to correct these things before moving on. It’s not as simple as getting out and getting sweaty (phew!).

The first technique to work on is called the mastering the ABC’s (alignment, breathing and core). I’ll be sharing my journey (including photos – cringe!) over the next 6 weeks – follow my progress on my Rehab for Mums Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rehabformus

Who knows, maybe I can start doing star jumps and sneezes soon without needing to pee.

Dawn x

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