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26th March 2018
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29th July 2018
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Fix Your Fanny™ – The Guide


Fanny, flower, honey pot, muff, bush, lady garden, front bum, foo, beaver….

Whatever ridiculous names the vagina may be given… we DON’T care. What we DO care about, is that we TALK ABOUT OUR VAGINAS.

Women are always talking about the latest “booty-building” fitness programmes and the best exercises for their abs, but what we often fail to discuss is some of the most important muscles of the female body – the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor could be compared to an old car – it gets neglected…until the day the engine backfires and the radiator starts to leak.

Now, no two vaginas are the same. There isn’t a “goal vagina”. This isn’t another demoralising fitness programme, aimed at giving women one more thing to have to “perfect”. We aren’t promoting aesthetics here – promising you the flawless vagina of playboy bunny.


What we are aiming for is:

  • A huge boost of confidence & power
  • The maintenance of a healthy sex drive and enjoyment of the ‘big O’.
  • Being able to sneeze, without the fear of the ‘tears’ running down your legs
  • Being able to slip into your lycra for an exercise class, without having to slip a pad in your knicks!
  • No longer avoiding trampolines, star jumps or burpees
  • To be able to enjoy a good belly laugh, without fear of a little dribble escaping
  • To be able to get through a vomiting bug, without the fear of your insides departing the building


So, this programme isn’t promising you a brand spanking new vag…nor is it going to fully repair any severe dysfunction (you need to see your doc alongside the programme, in this case).

But given that in the UK, 1 in 3 women will experience urinary incontinence (basically wetting yourself!) and pelvic floor dysfunction, this programme will act to: prevent, manage and rehabilitate some of the symptoms of a pelvic floor that’s given up on you!

This guide has been designed to use as a long-term addition to any exercise programme. Not just something you hammer for 6 weeks before a beach holiday!

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