Our "Online Mummy Tummy Method" launched in August 2018

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This 8 week online training programme is a MUST HAVE for new mums

No matter how many weeks, months or even years it has been since you gave birth, we are so excited to get you started on your journey towards health and fitness - and to help you feel like yourself again!

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Welcome to the Mummy Tummy Method™ Online Training Programme. If you are pregnant, or a new mama, read on to see how this programme is a MUST for you

The first few weeks with a newborn are amazing but hey, it’s flippin’ hard work, right?

Our online training programme contains all the information, health coaching and exercises to help you, both physically and mentally, keep your sh*t together!

This is NOT another "guide" on how to feed, change, sleep train & look after baba…this is for YOU. Yes....YOU.

It’s your no-nonsense physical and mental training plan for motherhood to ensure your body and mind recover from childbirth in the best possible way.

We know that as a new mum, your body is not often given a second thought – but how you look after your body in these few weeks post-childbirth are actually really crucial in how well your mind and body recover.

As the saying goes, “taking care of yourself, is part of taking care of your family”.


Whether you are a new mama or got older children but still don't feel that your body (or mind) has fully recovered then this programme is for you too!

The Mummy Tummy Method™ has been developed for mums, by mums - who are specialists in post-natal fitness.

The programme has been supported and recommended by women’s health physiotherapists, GPs and midwives.

The Mummy Tummy Method™ is here to support you through womens’ health coaching and a full post natal fitness training programme.

If you have yet to be signed off by your GP for 'regular exercise', don't worry - there are some excellent gentle, mat-based exercises and daily movement habits and techniques which you can be doing just days after giving birth.

All our videos, exercises & information can be easily accessed from your phone, laptop or tablet at a time that suits you – just log on whilst feeding or cuddling baba!


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Meet Sarah...

Hollyoaks actress, Sarah Jayne Dunn, highly recommends the Mummy Tummy Method™ after having some great mother and son time whilst working out with The Female Fitness Academy.


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